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Let’s start with formalities… my name is Justin Marazita. I’m originally from the colonies (US) but I’ve been living and working in London for over 6 years now.

My conceptual work is constantly blurring the lines between two dimensional and three dimensional space. I’m constantly striving to fabricate escapism. Getting lost in ideas or environments that don’t truly exist, or maybe they do now since I create them.

I recently curated a show called Myth & Lore in Tottenham, London. I’m constantly looking to give emerging artists a space in areas that are lacking exposure.

Mediums & Specialities: Photography, Sculpture, Electronics, Installations, Curation, Videography & Interactive Artwork

If you have a space that needs curating or want to give my art more exposure please get in touch — Contact me

Bachelor of fine arts, Ball State University

Recent exhibitions

Group Exhibition. Carnal and Concrete, 210 Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK. 

Group Exhibition. Myth & Lore, Styx, London, UK.

Solo Exhibition. Don’t Worry... It’s Just an Appendage, Heebee Jeebees Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO.

Work displayed in Smokebrush juried show multiple years

Work published in the national bestseller paperback publication of ONLY REVOLUTIONS by Mark Z. Danielewski

Work displayed in annual juried show at Minnetrista (Received Merit award in sculpture for “Hung by the Better Invisible Friend.”) (Received Excellence in Photography award for “in anachronism”)

Group Exhibition.  Sifting Through Ashes, Mitchell Place Gallery, Muncie, IN.  

Work displayed in annual juried show at Minnetrista 
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