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I’m a hoarder. No question about it. There are too many beautiful things in the world that are just screaming to be a part of my art process. Moving to London has been an eye opener as to what’s an acceptable amount of hoarding for such a small amount of available space and still be able to have people over to visit my flat.

Throughout my life I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with people that have been extremely kind and donated possessions they collect or find so I can use it within my art. This act of kindness fills me with so much joy and and an apprehensive feeling of responsibility. Every object has a story. And I try my best to tell it.
If you want to donate to my art process please contact me. Fill out the contact form or email me. We can work out a way for you to mail it to me or we can meet up somewhere in London and talk about your contribution. You can see some of the amazing contributions so far... from natural to man-made — including a person’s crazy shaped wisdom tooth!

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