My Story //

(in the beginning…)

Hiya, I’m Justin Marazita. I’ve been in the design trenches for over 10 years.

Early in my design career I did a lot of physical product design, packaging and print design. Since moving to London I have broadened my focus, working mainly in digital product design and brand development. Alternating between physical and digital design is as easy as riding a bicycle for me.

Recently I’ve been the Lead Senior Creative Designer of a small design team for a company called Runpath. Leading the creative process from inception through to product development, and ongoing improvement in a agile studio environment.

I’m now freelance and available for work from Sept. 2017. Please get in touch and we can discuss how I can lend my skills to help you out — Hire me

My Specialities //

(what I do well)

Digital Design, Art Direction, UX, UI, Agile teams and project management, Data visualisation, Foreign Sourcing, Brand development, Product Design, Fintech, Print design, Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), Retail Presence, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Photography & Interactive Design

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My clients //

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