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A sweeping dust…

(sculpture, photography, assemblage)

Joined in this forced communion. Far too much bread and wine. Roots expelling in all directions. Feeling every overturned rock. Creeping through every traversed corridor. Spreading unimaginably on. Until - one scant intersection. Short breath. Now commences a new spread. Forever entwined to the Alpha and the Omega. All these receptors looking at and through, casting their imprint on all.

Sin strata

(sculpture, assemblage)
Photo of Sin strataPhoto of Sin strata

Disjoined twins

(sculpture, assemblage, photography)
Photo of Disjoined twins

Off her

(sculpture, assemblage, photography)
Photo of Off her

Tower of babel

(sculpture, assemblage, photography)
Photo of Tower of babelPhoto of Tower of babelPhoto of Tower of babel
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