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Audio Steam

+ Art Direction, App design, Brand Development
Custom artwork creations
Photographed, then collaged and enhanced
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Some context about the project

When I first moved to London, I naively thought I would just walk on to any old job since I had experience working for Warner Bros., Disney, Cirque du Soleil and other large companies. The real world came at me quick, and I realised I had to start from scratch.

Not a problem though. I wasn't going to sit idly by hoping something great would just fall into my lap. I did some amazing side projects and freelance work during this time, Audio Steam being one of them.

Through a random MeetUp event, I met AriWorks who specialised in writing code for music and sound engineering. We hit it off and Audio Steam was born.

We created one of the first augmented sound apps.

Ariworks had the technological knowhow and I came in to give life to it. I wrote the lore and created the interface for Audio Steam. Borrowing heavily from the steam punk movement and Jules Verne, I photographed various objects, and enhanced them in Photoshop.

The interface feels like a Victorian instrument that shifted and changed the tones around you with various knobs and sliders, letting the user explore and experiment on their own.

RIP Audio Steam. It looks extremely dated now but still has a spot in my heart.

To open the device you had to rotate the nameplate
A lot of the fun in using the app was figuring out how everything works

Illuminati eat your heart out. From a young age, I was always drawn towards secret societies and the occult. The mixture of science and magic is just too cool to ignore.

The different symbols, geometry and meanings people have made over generations to explain the unexplained speaks volumes to a designer.

Various screenshots and elements
One of the first augmented sound apps
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