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Costume design

+ Physical Product Design, Package Design, Art Direction
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My costume creation phase

I look back on this time fondly. I was able to work with some truly spectacular artisans abroad with almost no limitations except that of the materials used. I got a taste of what it's like to be one of the huge artists or fashion designers of the world. You put some ideas to paper, and people more skillful than you make it a reality.

All of the products on this page are bespoke originals. During my time doing this, I created 100+ different accessories and costumes.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I had my brains flattered out during my time as a costume designer. Walking through trade shows I would see total knockoffs of about 70% of my designs. Much poorer quality of courseā€¦

My job was so varied during this time. It included trade show design and implementation, fabric and material sourcing, print and packaging design, modelling, quality control, photography and much more.

Sourcing materials meant travelling to China to find new fabrics, factories, etc. Can't beat trips like that. Besides the amazing food & culture, it afforded me time to learn a lot about working with factories, who to avoid at trade shows, where to source the best materials, and how it works to use labour from another country.

Aside from the work aspect of costume design, I just love seeing people out in public enjoying my products. Nothing feels better than having a little kid come to your door on Halloween wearing something you designed, pretending to be that little monster yeti or whatever it is they're dressed up as!

It's worth mentioning that I won a lot of awards with these products. Especially in the original kids costume department.

Various original costume products
Loved it when I saw them out in public
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