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CASE STUDY: Etho, a support platform for the health community

+ Brand Design & Development, MVP, Website
State of the health worker in the UK is tenuous at best.
Possibly pondering a new career…
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Some context about the project

Etho is the brainchild of GP Jethro Hubbard. This project was born from the ever increasing strain on health workers in the UK. Jethro was noticing an increase in workers’ mental and physical fatigue that was decimating the work force and definitely not sustainable unless something was done soon.

The project started right before one of the biggest threats to the health community: the Covid pandemic. This event exposed how a project like this was needed now more than ever.

The premise: Your team is your biggest investment. Keeping them happy, productive and engaged is key to your success. Etho helps you get the basics right.

This was a small group project. My role was Brand Identity, UX/UI designer and Website Design/Developer. I worked directly with CEO Jethro Hubbard, Medical Director​ Finn Dixon and App Developer Chris Steel.

Services provided:

  • Discovery Phase
  • Brand development
  • MVP design
  • UI design
  • Website design and development

Discovery phase & Creating Etho’s brand

Etho let me have true design freedom on the overall theme of Etho’s messaging and visual cues. It’s these types of projects where I truly thrive.

From the onset, the product was designed for health workers of all ages, genders and ethnicities. To me, getting imagery that feels not only caring but authentic was paramount. This is extremely hard when only Creative Common imagery is to be used to save money with the idea being to hire a professional photographer for the future. I’m an expert at trawling available imagery to find the gems.

Color Palette

For the color system, I wanted to give the sense of being future-facing, but also safe and trusting. I used pink and blue gradient to show the sun rising on a new future, green and blue gradient for a feeling of safety and trust, and combined those two ideas into their existing logo and the full brand identity.

Color Palette
R240 / G48 / B193
Cornflower Blue
R96 / G148 / B234
Medium Spring Green
R67 / G230 / B149
Light Sea Green
R59 / G178 / B184
Secondary colors
Dim Grey
R87 / G90 / B88
R254 / G233 / B78

Logo (update)

They had an existing logo that was paid for and wanted to keep it roughly how it was originally designed, but they wanted it updated for the new branding. As with the color system, I wanted to combine the two ideas of future-facing and trusting. So I combined those two into the plus sign which can be used as a logomark for marketing, etc.

I think this could use a revamp in the future since I don’t think the original logo has the underlying feel of what they want their messaging to be. Right now it portrays a military or shipping company with the stencil effect.

Combining the two ideas into one
Grid system
Responsive 12 columns
8px baseline


Initially the thought process was primarily for a one-page website and marketing material. So a single soft, friendly typeface was needed and eventually they agreed on Bariol.

Since the product has evolved immensely and has moved to app design and development, we needed something that was legible at a small size. Luckily the maker of Bariol also made Bariol serif, so I added that to the mix for diversity and legibility on an app platform.


My process for creating these custom icons was to create icons that that were friendly and inviting. Since circles are used for a lot of the embellishment elements, every icon had to have a rounded, soft edge to it.

All pixel-perfect icons were built off of various sizing systems, depending on use.

UI elements

Minimalism and simplicity is always my modus operandi when I’m creating UI elements. I wanted something stripped bare, but easy to navigate and understand immediately.

Launching the MVP & website

The MVP was sent to 2 practices with 100+ employees over an 18 month timeframe. The excitement over Etho has been a welcome surprise. It’s amazing how much was learned right away after launching a few select clinics.

Various screens
From website & MVP

Testing the product

Identifying a few key challenges

As with any new protocol in a company, there are going to be teething problems and a little time to learn the new system. One of Etho’s biggest challenges is for health workers to remember to check out and log how they feel at the end of the day. As you can imagine most people just want to get home after a long day’s work!

Initial findings

Through multiple surveys of health workers using the app there has been a lot of positive feedback! Here are some of the top data stats:

  • 83% of staff felt more positive about their organisation after the wellbeing check-in was implemented.
  • 98% of staff leave a wellbeing score on checkout.
  • 9/10 - average score given for 'how do you feel about entering a wellbeing score’.

Future iterations

After creating an MVP, the next steps will be use the data we’ve gathered and start a thorough research process with health workers identifying all the pressure points for them. These include how we can ease their ability to log, how they feel, and how to earn their trust to be honest about how they feel.

After extensive research, a new fully fledged app will be designed and developed.

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