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Love Inc. Branding

+ Brand Development, UX/UI, Web Design
Image for Love Travel
Using only high-end photography
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Some context about the project

Love Incorporated wanted to corner all the markets - Love Travel, Love Money, Love Food, Love Llamas… you get the idea. It opens up a lot potential for creativity, but also can dilute a brand if it stretches itself too far without a cohesive brand guideline.

I was tasked with the monumental undertaking of creating a branding style guide that could work and adapt for all existing entities and prepare for any future ones as well.

I worked with Love Incorporated not too long after they started to gain traction with their company. It was a whole different company back then, with a little mascot character that danced around and everything. You can still see him in the "o" of their old logo that they wanted to keep. I think it looks a bit too much like a wedding ring, but I can appreciate wanting to hold on to your origins.

I wanted to do the opposite of the original textural, busy pages with their new brand, stripping it back to as minimal a layout and colour splashing as possible. It was important to make imagery and content stand out and up the quality, so people would want to read and share as much as possible.

It was important that it still had the light, fun feeling it used to have, so I created playful avatars and bright colours for each section.

The final result was a 16-page style guide that had usage for the logo, all the fonts, colour schemes and also instructions for page layouts with a whole section dedicated to designing for future additions.

This was later made digital since things evolve so much quicker in the digital realm. I'm a huge supporter of the constantly evolving style guide approach. Technology just moves too quickly for it to be static and rigid.

Various pages from Love style guide
I love branding… I know it's not for everyone
Custom avatar artwork for users
I really enjoy making patterns like this
Example of a finished branded page
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