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Harry Potter Spectra Specs

+ Product design, Packaging, Pattern design
The official Spectra Specs for Harry Potter
Luna Lovegood would be proud
4 minute read

Some context about the project

During my costume design phase, I worked with Warner Bros. to create Harry Potter Spectra Specs for their upcoming movie. It gave me the chance to cross off movie product design from my bucket list!

Before you get too impressed let me tell you a bit about the process. You get extremely pixelated production photos of the actors wearing the products with about 123,355 watermarks on them and no close-ups. And let's not forget the NDA that states you'll lose your firstborn if anything leaks… You get the idea.

I used all the CSI (Enhance and zoom!) knowhow I had at my disposal. That said, I'm impressed with the results.

When I find myself at Kings Cross, I still occasionally see somebody rocking them on their way to Platform 9 ¾!

Custom repeating pattern
Made by guessing horribly pixelated imagery
Original cutout test
I always make physical prototypes
R127 / G42 / B62
R124 / G34 / B96
R226 / G68 / B83
R236 / G11 / B124
R244 / G142 / B157
R217 / G185 / B169
Color Palette

Seeing it out in public

The Harry Potter universe is still going strong (even with how inexplicably J.K. Rowling is trying to upset her base). I love the character Luna Lovegood, the misfit that doesn't give in to peer pressure, and sees the world in her own unique and strange way.

Luna is a fantastic icon and personality to look up to and aspire to be.

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